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Keder Solutions LogoHeadquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Keder Solutions provides high-quality Keder products and accessories for the: tenting, printing and marine industries worldwide. 

Keder Defined

Keder- noun (Kee-der):  an attachment mechanism that secures a tight and smooth connection between: tent vinyl tops and sidewalls, boat tops and curtains, awnings, banners, signs and billboards and displays.  consists of two parts: a core and a fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC or another elastic material to allow flexibility. 

Keder Solutions

Priding themselves on offering the highest-quality Keder Products and Accessories, Keder Solutions’ products empower their tenting, marine and print industry clients to create strong and polished finished-products with effortless installation. With the highest quality product and unwavering client attention Keder Solutions ensures that all of your Keder products will be beautiful, strong and polished from the inside-out.

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