Social Media


  • "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking"

    -George S. Paton, US Army

Our social media services are focused solely on maximizing your business’ online presence. We implement, optimize and manage every aspect of your business’ social media marketing with the same amount of passion that you have for your business. 


Discover: We analyze your social presence and outline a unique strategy. Identifying competitive tactics, potential opportunities and action alerts- No cookie-cutter approaches allowed.


Establish: Building brand awareness starts with daily engagement

  • we: like, comment, retweet, love, emoji, #hashtag and share
  • manage paid, social advertising (as needed)
  • monitor the communities that are important to you and then proactively engage
  • optimize platforms that puts you on a level playing field
  • identify your competitions tactics, uncover potential service providers and define action alerts 


Grow: increasing your brand’s awareness, driving traffic to your website and spurring lead generation via social media is only part of the recipe. We also add in content curation and creation, engagement, reputation management, online customer service and audience growth. We educate, inspire, inform and when necessary, throw in some witty banter. All in your brand’s voice. Did we mention we do this daily?  


Report:  We evaluate and compare the effectiveness of social media ads, listen to the social media buzz around your keywords, analyze the behavior of your community, identify key influencers and benchmark the performance to get ahead.  Complete accountability with a return-on-investment broken down for you in a language you can understand. 


Re-fresh: Recycled messaging doesn’t work. Ever. We create fresh, unique content that motivates your target audience that is specific to your brand’s needs.