5 Ways to ‘Say Anything’ this Valentine’s Day

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John CusackUp until now John Cusack may have taken the prize in winning over the girl of his dreams but just because he took the best idea EVER with the boombox serenade does not mean that there aren’t ways to get your love message out loud and clear.

Try these 5 fun social media tips and tell that special someone how much you love them this Valentine’s Day:

  1. YOU TUBE: Nothing says “I Love You” like you singing a song dedicated to your love interest.  How could anyone turn away someone that risks global humiliation? Start gargling that lemon water your next set is just around the You Tube corner.
  2. FACEBOOK: Make a Facebook Fan Page in honor of they love you have for your Valentine. Count the ways that you love that special someone and generate the buzz in the form of fans that you get to like your page. It’s a win-win; you not only are proclaiming your love you are having others support you the entire way.
  3. TWITTER: Maybe you are pressed for time. Perhaps even a bit too anxious to wait for a response to your love proclamation? If you are like many tongue-tied, impatient lovers you may have only enough inspiration for a love poem that can be covered in 140 characters or less.  Whatever the case your solution is simple:  Tweet loud and proud the love you have for your Valentine and the reward could be real-love in real-time.
  4. BLOG: Nothing says “I’m ALL Yours” like a poem announcing how your heart races every time you think of your love interest. No need to be William Shakespeare; simplicity always wins in blogs and poems. Start small with “Roses are red, Violets are Blue…” and the rewards will be tenfold.
  5. FLICKR: Still at a loss for ideas? Put to use your photography skills and design a photo collage of your past love adventures or even of the things that you want to experience with your Valentine. Documenting your love on FLICKR will be sure to make their heart FLUTTR.

Now that the creative love ideas are racing through your mind what are YOU going to do for that special someone this year?  Let me know your social Valentine ideas–and if you need any test runs and would like to make a Fan Page dedicated to me well don’t let Cupid stop you. I am here to help–even it it means putting me in the Valentine Spotlight.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all your loved ones!

-LMS Agency Inc.

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