Am I Really That Easy to Read?

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LMS Agency IncI recently came across this Twitter generator site. It scanned my past posts, trends and personality and provided me with what they think my next tweet would be by mixing up my past posts.  Although some of these posts ( a few hundred) came out too jumbled to even understand there were some that were sadly accurate. I am guessing for the average person that their generated posts may say “Good Morning” and “Happy Friday!” but sadly this was not the case with mine.

Here are some of my posts that were generated by Yes That Can Be My Next Tweet and quite frankly it is pretty hard to argue with some of these.

No worries, after reading these you have full permission to un-follow me.

  1. Crying while yelling Total Eclipse of the Heart at the top of my lungs at LA Fitness!
  2. NO panic like the panic you feel when you are pulling an article of clothing over your head and get stuck.. YEAH I WAS BORN!.. come to peace with the fact that they will find you like this…in all your shame.
  3. I suppose the macarana and one green been was invented so we have something to do during the recession?
  4. At what age do we tell the Kiwanis club they are adopted? My other sister Ho-Cha-Chu-Chu looks nothing like me…Tick-Tock my little Clarices!
  5. I reject your faves with all my sleeves. xoxo
  6. I subscribe to me to keep me alive. YOU are out of the circle of trust.
  7. The only ironic thing about that adult thing is that there is no algebra involved.
  8. I’m thinking trapeze artists, fire-flame throwers…too tame? : I’m at Balboa Dog Park – Morley Field 2221!
  9. Hey it’s all about timing…and for you that join the Dumb Blonde train…I am pleased to introduce Ms. Scout.
  10. If I survived the Leah Sadowski…I would market it. T-shirts for everyone!
  11. Who doesn’t love advice? I am cool! Scout drools.
  12. I talk. A lot. Send Strawberry Ice cream. It’s been broughten.
  13. I am at your professional profile. New, improved version please?
  14. I am thinking re-brand. Fly girl in Dad Jeans at the dog park. Do it!
  15. Interestingly enough I reject AT&T, Cougar Town’s famous wine glass and fanny packs…
  16. He’s so awesome. I want him to live in my closet. Viva!
  17. Of course I love you. “You know your Grandfather didn’t really think you were going to make anything of yourself….” Corndog??

You see, they may not make sense to you but in a sick, twisted, quite amusing way they make sense to me. It just may have sparked more twisted posts; you just never know! So don’t click that un-follow button yet–or at least before you go tell me some of your funny post generators.

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