Brace Yourself…Facebook Changes are Coming!

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LMS Agency Inc.Just when we finally got used to the newest personal profile layout from Facebook it has been announced at the 2011 f8 conference that there will be major changes in Facebook’s layout…and in the very near future.

The soon to be released Facebook changes are called “Timeline”.  When Timeline is officially rolled out, your personal profile will be organized in reverse chronological order, as a “timeline” of your life, comparable to an online scrapbook. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “Timeline is the story of your life… in a new way to express who you are.”

The new Timeline profiles have only been released thus far to registered Facebook application developers.  The only people that can see the Timeline changes are other developers that have opted to change to the Timeline profile themselves. Additionally there is no set date as to when the general public should be expecting access to the new Timeline profiles.

So we can’t walk you through something that you can’t exactly see yet but what we can do is give you a sneak peak of what the new profiles are going to look like. The biggest, most exciting change you are going to see is the Timeline Cover Photo an 851px x 315px canvas that you can fill with the image of your choice.  In the lower left corner of the Cover Photo is where your profile picture will go.

Here are some of our favorite creative picks that we found via Social Media Examiner of what capabilities you can expect with your personal profile in the very near future.

Let us know what you think of the new layout!


Obviously we had to start with the founder of Facebook. No offense, it’s cute but come on Mark…you can do better than this!

mark zuckerberg

kelly cromwellThere is nothing worse than having a great picture of yourself but it’s lacking other family and friends. Here is one designer’s take on how she can incorporate Dad into the picture without having to go with a different picture of herself.

ET Phone Home

Giuseppe Draicchio showed his creative side by phoning home. Just another example of how creative you can get with the new Facebook platform layouts.


Looks like Ekkapong Techawongthaworn has got the hang of the new pages. My guess is that this process was easier than the spelling of his name!

Hugh BrissHere is LMS’s Agency Inc.’s personal favorite…Hugh Briss has found the perfect balance between work and pleasure!

gian marcoAnd last but not least here is one last example of the creative ways that you can turn your new, personal Facebook page into a work of art.

So what do you think of the new layout?
How do you think you will use the new layout to your advantage?
Do you think you will implement the changes yourself or look to a social media agency to help you through the process?

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