Go To Gal San Diego

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Go To Gal San DiegoLMS Agency Inc. is proud to announce our newest addition to our growing social media family, Go To Gal San Diego. LMS is thrilled to be an integral part of Go To Gal’s social media implementation, optimization and management.

About Go To Gal San Diego

Go To Gal San Diego is exactly that.  She (Christy Pacha) is your go to gal, your personal assistant, your personal concierge…quite simply your saving grace for everything and anything. For over 15 years Pacha aka “Go To Gal Numero Uno”, has been helping everyone from executives and corporate event planners to first-time entrepreneurs and busy Moms and Dads plan their special events and accomplish their everyday tasks. She is your travel assistant, your event organizer, your personal shopper, your pet sitter, and errand runner all rolled into one and might we add she does it all with style, grace and a smile. Was there something we missed on the list? Don’t worry we are confident that Go To Gal can find your solution and at a price that fits your budget and needs and all the while freeing up your time so you can do the things you want to do.

Make sure to stay tuned for the releases of Go To Gal San Diego’s social media platforms where you can see firsthand how having this Go To Gal San Diego on your side will not only allow you more time to focus on what you enjoy but it will exponentially change your life for the better.




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