J. Hilburn

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LMS Agency Inc. is proud to announce our newest Social Media Seminar with world renown clothier J. Hilburn.

J. Hilburn provides custom, luxury menswear for the modern man. Direct from the finest makers in the world, their tailored men’s suits, shirts and trousers are delivered to the buyer at a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match. With a growing network of over 2,000 stylists across the country J. Hilburn’s rapidly growing success can be accredited to their fiercely competitive prices, their impeccable stylists, and the convenience of the stylist meeting with client’s either in the comforts of their homes or offices.

LMS Agency Inc. is honored to be providing J. Hilburn with a tailored social media experience through real life examples, industry best-practices, on-line reputation management support and detailed step-by-steps to help each J. Hilburn associate further optimize their social media presence for business.

Help us welcome aboard J. Hilburn!

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