3 Do’s and Don’ts of Location Based Services for Your Business

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It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different options for Location Based Services (LBS)and deciding which one is right for you and your business social media efforts. From FourSquare and SCVNGR to Loopt and Gowalla it is hard to keep it all straight. Whether you choose to use one LBS or a multitude of them your efforts will be futile if you don’t use them appropriately.  Here are a few simple tips that can help you to make sure that you are optimizing the endless marketing potential.


1)      Engage – Location Based Services are a form of Social Marketing. The key word is SOCIAL!!! You can give your clients a more amazing customer service experience than they ever dreamed of by simply paying attention and interacting.  If you see them post that they “just had the most amazing dinner ever”…thank them!  If you see them post that they just had a lousy experience, odds are that they’re still there…go fix it and have them leave on a positive note (they’ll probably post that too).  Either way, they’ll remember that you cared enough to acknowledge them.

2)      Know Your Audience – Most users of Location Based Services do it for the discounts.  Give them what they want!!!  Don’t waste their time by sending them convoluted advertisements…offer them a great deal and they’ll be sure to tell their friends about it.

3)      Have Fun!!! – If you see a post that a client is visiting your establishment to celebrate their Birthday, surprise them with a Birthday song.  If they just posted that they are there trying to cheer up because they had “the worst day ever” buy them a drink.  Keep them smiling and create that bond.


1)      Overload Your Customers – There is nothing worse than being inundated with a million ads.  Give your clients what interests them and leave it at that.

2)      Set and Forget – There is no point to putting the work into building an LBS if you’re not going to keep it updated or fresh.  Users of these services do so because it’s fun and interactive…make sure it stays that way.

3)      Make it Complicated – Don’t create a hundred different stipulations to your clients getting the deal that they came for.  Make it easy for them “1/2 price beers between 3pm and 5pm” or “30% off every 5th visit”.  Having to many rules takes the fun out of it and it won’t be long before they stop following you.

If you want to learn more or just don’t have the time to do it yourself contact the LMS Agency Inc. and we’d be happy to work with you to build a strategy that will fit you and your business.

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