Mind Your “P”s and Quoras….

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It’s a fast emerging social platform that is redefining the way that we document the world and yet there are still many of us that have no idea what Quora is and what it means to them.

Quora is an ongoing collection of user-created questions and answers that are organized and edited by all platform participators. Simply–you ask a question and other people work collaboratively to continuously improve the answer. It is not an encyclopedia like Wikipedia but rather a social platform that strives to achieve a consensus between users.

Quora Scenario

Bob may have a great answer to the Quora questions: “What services does LMS Agency Inc. provide?” and everyone agrees Bob’s answer is the best–

Bob: LMS Agency Inc is a full service boutique agency that provides: Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Johnny agrees with fellow question followers that Bob sure does know his stuff but then he adds even more services to the answer because his website was done by LMS and he had media placement through them.

Johnny: “LMS Agency Inc. is a full service, boutique agency, located in San Diego, California. Their services include: Social Media, SEO, Website Development and Media Placement for local, natinal and global clients”.  Johnny’s answer then gets voted up above Bob’s answer.

Then along comes Sally. Sally is a local San Diegan and her office is next door to LMS Agency Inc. Sally completes the answer with even more services and adds her own answer.

Sally: “While I agree with everything that Bob and John contributed I think it is important to remember that LMS Agency Inc. also provides services in Creative Design, Branding and Public Relations. To see what types of clients that they have tailored to I recommend that you visit their website.”

Now there you have it….by working together the three users have documented and contributed to the Quora database that, over time, will be regarded as a one-stop-shop for everything that you want to know.  Information on Quora covers a broad spectrum of topics, is highly detailed, meticulously organized and has the ability to be constantly updated.

Are you an avid participant or are you more the observing type? There are numerous benefits to jumping in the Quora conversation. Participation greatly increases your chances to be regarded as a the expert in your field, grow your network, know what people are saying about you and your brand, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. But don’t just take our word for it—check out the other 260,000 Quora users, many that use it as their number one networking and information platform.

Tell us what you think…we would love to know:  what currently do you use Quora for (business, entertainment, social growth)?  Better yet, head over and join us in the Quora conversation


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