Optimize your Linked-In Profile in 5 Easy Steps

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As businesses and professionals we  have all heard the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The main objective is and remains: Ranking Rules. With a million and one different ways to achieve the desired ranking results via social platforms LMS Agency Inc. narrowed down the process to one of the most professionally trusted networks: Linked-In.  Here is a simple Check Off List that will will get your Linked-In Profile on the track to optimization.1. PROFILE PICTURE: Although it may not further optimize your site with search engines it will increase your traffic if you have a simple professional profile picture on display. Nobody wants to see a picture of you with a drink in your hand at the company party or even worse find NO profile picture of you.  Searchers are looking for a familiar connection that they can relate to so nix the social pictures and make sure that you have a quality picture that will further strengthen the connection between you and your network.

2. PROFILE HEADLINE: The profile headline is the first thing that a searcher will see when searching on Linked-In. For those familiar with SEO terms the Profile Heading can be compared to the Meta-Description. This title should be short, sweet and to the point. On my profile I decided to put my title, key services and my contact information.


A profile summary is your chance to professionally introduce yourself to the world.  This summary provides you with the opportunity to descriptively use keywords and targeted phrases that will get your profile noticed. As with any platform it is not labeled best practice to keyword stuff and or provide a summary that is overkill on keywords and technical information. Keep it light and don’t be afraid to implement a direct call to action (“check me out at …”) but also focus on what the purpose is of the summary: to get noticed, get the job and/or build prosperous relationships.


As with any social marketing efforts it is not important the amount of connections or followers that you have but rather the number of “quality” connections you have. Would you rather have 1,000 connections that made absolutely no impact on your profile or professional goals or would your rather have 100 quality connections that really made a difference?  In the world of social media platforms it is important that you leverage your quality connections as much as you leverage yourself. Being connected to the right mix of connections and groups will prove beneficial and will get you found in searches that are relevant to your goals.

Join AND interact with as many groups and connections that are relevant to your goals and your industry and begin to develop your professional branding.  Remember that Linked-In does not allow you to connect with people that you don’t know so it is important to be strategic yet follow proper protocol in the quest to build your network.


It is no secret that Linked-In is a strong professional platform that is liked by search engines. Therefore, it is important to provide as many relevant links that will further optimize your own Linked-In and improve your overall online presence. Your profile allows you to implement links: Website, Blog, Twitter and “Other”. I recommend that you use the “Other Link” as a link to your Facebook Business Page to cover all of your bases.

So there you have it–5 simple quick fixes that will help further optimize your Linked-In page. What other tips have you used that you believe have helped your Professional Linked-In page? Please chime in as we are always looking to you for your feedback and comments. You can also check out our other Social Marketing Tips at

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