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casual friday don'tNow that you have your Business Twitter page in place it’s now time to optimize your efforts. Here is LMS Agency Inc.’s Mini-Optimization List that will help bring your Twitter page to the next level, get you noticed and bring you the return on investment you deserve:

1. Exercise “Casual Friday”: This LMS coined term refers to how businesses using social media should be casual but not too casual when engaging online.  Much like the Casual Friday dress code that is utilized by companies, when engaging online you want to be professional and at the same time be comfortable and personable. Think of it this way, if two companies are offering the exact same service what is going to set one aside from the other? Answer: personality. So go out there and make professional friends. Network. Get to know your target audience. Speak with them; not at them. Listen. Share a laugh. Show them your human side. Just like you wouldn’t wear that Go-Go mini-skirt or your favorite ripped up jeans to the office you shouldn’t engage in a fashion that is inappropriate online.  When in doubt on what is proper etiquette in online engagement remember: if you wouldn’t do it at the office; don’t do it online. Ever.

2. Picture Tweets: When posting a tweet remember that we as humans are all very visual and pairing a Twitter picture with a tweet increases the chances that your message will get noticed. Choose non-stock-looking photos that are relevant to your topic and your message. The six most recent photos are the photos that visitors will see when they visit your page so again, be selective in the images that you post as first impressions are the ones that last.

3. Quit Ignoring Me: Ever been ignored? Ever received a form letter that you completely disregarded because you know it wasn’t truly meant for you? There is no better way to describe this blown-off feeling other than to say that it stinks. Period. So before you set up generic, self-promoting auto-messages or get ready to repetitively blast out a tweet saying the same thing over-and-over again, remember these four simple words: Don’t ignore your followers.

4. Engage Don’t Smother: chances are that we all know someone in life that comes on a little too strong. The over-talker, the over-sharer or the person that can talk about nothing other than their job or themselves. Learning the art of Casual Friday doesn’t happen overnight but with the help of a few LMS Agency Inc. tips you can learn how to engage….without turning-off or smothering your network.

Something you feel should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below or check out our Top 13 Tips to Help You Excel on Twitter . Better yet, send us a Tweet and show us what you got!

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