Party Like It’s 1999…..Again.

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AnxiousHas it really been over a decade since we were stockpiling water and crossing our fingers that our PCs wouldn’t be overtaken by the big, bad, Y2K Monster?

Unlike banks around the world and the general public, I personally loved 1999.  The year 1999 gave me a sense of urgency  to make everything organized in my life from photos and important papers to my (once legally downloaded) Napster mixed CDs of Prince. I had this absolute NEED to have my life in order.   In case I perished and someone else carried on my great name they could do so through my color-coded, alphabetized, journals and great music tastes.

So here we are over a decade later, we survived the chaos of Y2K and may have even learned a thing or two along the way in regards to technology. One thing remains true no matter what year it may be: organization is key…especially when trying to be regarded as a legend.  In honor of ringing in yet another promising New Year we need to revisit our previous Y2K angst by organizing…. and partying….like it’s 1999.

Here is a quick LMS Agency Inc. check off list or what we have fondly dubbed: “LMSY? Y-its-2011-K!” check off list that will leave you backed-up, organized, foot-loose and fancy free.

1. Back-Up Your Facebook: Forget diaries, scrap books or actual photo books. We live our lives through Facebook. Today if you want to know anything, about anyone at anytime you look to their Facebook account. If you haven’t already, Facebook has made it extremely easy to download your Facebook Profile. That’s right; you can download your statuses, your photos, videos…basically your entire life, in just a couple of easy steps.

Step 1. Go to Accounts

Step 2. Click on Download Your Information

Step 3.  Sit back, pop some popcorn and relax–Facebook will send you an email when the download is complete

Step 4: Click on email link sent by Facebook, enter password and VIOLA—hope you still have some popcorn left-this could get interesting!

This is the first step in administering your very own Online Reputation Management Campaign. Whether you like it or not we have created the beast of social media so you should be in constant control of your online reputation. You might be surprised at how you have matured, changed or possibly this could be a eye-opening experience. Take it from me, a Ms. Leah Marie Sadowski, aka owner of LMS, is going to have a very firm talking to once the review of the 55MB downloadable Facebook document is complete.

2. Back Up your Tweets: An oldie but a goodie in Tweet Backup World is TweetScan which will back up your files (time lines, direct messages and mentions) dating all the way back to 2007. has taken great strides in not only backing up your Tweets but also your blog, pictures and your Gmail, Hotmail and/or Live E-mail account; consider it a one-stop-shop for complete online backup protection.

3. Back Up your Word Press Blog: If you have a Word Press Blog the backup process is located within your Dashboard.  In the WordPress dashboard simply go under your Tools, Export and pick what you want to export. If you want to download the whole shebang the WP-DB-Backup Plugin can be scheduled to fit your needs and will conveniently e-mail you the backup file.

4. Back up your Photos: Like millions of digital photo snappers you most likely upload and manage your photos and videos through an online portal like Flickr. With the free Adobe AIR application Flump, you can download all the photos from a user-specified Flickr account to your hard drive. It’s a simple one-use application: provide it with a Flickr ID or user name, tell it where to save the photos, and click Start Flump. It doesn’t get any easier than this.


5. Celebrate: Now that you have your life and important documents in order it’s time to celebrate and ring in an amazing 2011. Pop in your favorite music, toast to your family and friends and party like it is 1999…all over again.

From all of us at LMS Agency Inc. we wish each and every one of you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011 New Year

New Year's Eve


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