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pinterest marketingHave you hopped on the Pinterest Marketing Train yet?

One of the fastest growing social media platforms Pinterest has driven more referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. So what does this mean for you? Perhaps you were you one of those businesses that resisted creating other social media sites thinking that social media didn’t apply to your company…and then ended up being behind your competitors when you did finally start a page?  Well here is your opportunity to get ahead of the marketing curve and start taking advantage of the rapid growth of the newest social platform and help drive traffic to your business. If you need help setting up your Pinterest account for your business make sure to check out our article on Creating a Pinterest Account for Business.

Marketing Strategies for Pinterest

Following Your Target Market: Following people on Pinterest will help drive traffic to your own Pinterest account. Once you follow someone’s boards they are notified that you are following them and then allowing them the chance to return the favor thus giving you the opportunity to drive more traffic to your site and pages.

Repinning: Repinning is another opportunity to drive traffic to your boards and ultimately the links to your sites that you are promoting.  When you repin another’s picture the person who originally pinned the picture gets notified.  Most likely that person will respond to the notification by seeing where it was repinned, what comments were attached and it also gives them the chance to look through your boards and follow you. Since the goal is to be repinned by your audience the need for interesting boards is important to keep the engagement level high.

Commenting: Engagement is the key to any successful social media campaign. Taking an interest in someone’s pins, respectfully commenting and participating with others will get you noticed, increase your following and help support your brand’s growth.  As with any social media campaign, avoid self-promotion and leading with your product, your pitch or your services.

Liking: “Liking” someone’s boards on Pinterest is a nice gesture and may get you noticed but unfortunately is the least effective in regards to marketing since no one can get to the source of the like. We are not telling you to avoid “liking” –but in regards to marketing, until we see how the Pinterest model evolves, this is the least effective in driving traffic to yourself.

Looking for examples? Check out some of our latest work for our clients or join us on our LMS Agency Inc. Pinterest page. Don’t forget to drop us a note and let us know what you think—we would love to hear from you….until then Happy Pinning!

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