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Tara's TeamLMS Agency Inc. is proud to welcome on board our most recent social media client–Tara’s Team.

Tara’s Team is a local, online search website launching in San Diego on December 1, 2011.  From dining, entertainment, and beauty services,  to pet services, auto repairs and fitness centers Tara’s Team is the most comprehensive, authentic online database there is in all of San Diego’s greater metropolitan area.

Tara’s Team is hip and edgy and only lists the most exclusive service leaders and hot spots in all of San Diego. Pieced together over the course of over 10 years this list is the list that you need to help guide you through the best kept secrets, must do’s and must haves of San Diego.  It is an improved Angie’s list that’s edgier and more modern; a non-limiting Zagat Guide that covers more than just dining; an unbiased Yelp where you know what you are reading is genuine; a reputable discount resource that isn’t excluding in how many people reap the rewards and a coveted “Best Of” list… all wrapped into one.

So go and check out Tara’s Team’s brand-spanking new social sites now and their debut website on December 1, 2011!  Let us know what you think, join in the conversation and most of all  get ready to sign up for the “It List” that will change San Diego living forever.

Quite simply, life just doesn’t get any better than this!

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