Never Touch Your Tuna

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Tuna SquishLMS Agency Inc. is proud to announce our newest website design, Social Media management and Public Relations client: Tuna Squish.

Tuna Squish is an innovative, cost-effective cooking solution that allows tuna lovers to open up canned tuna effortlessly while eliminating the mess, smelly and sore hands you get from ferociously squeezing all of the unwanted juice or oil out of the can and the risk of cutting yourself on the jagged can. Sound to good to be true? Well it’s not! With your very own Tuna Squish stinky hands and cut fingers will be replaced with the pure and personal enjoyment of consuming all your favorite tuna dishes.

Simple. Easy. Delicious.

Stay tuned for LMS Agency Inc. updates on Tuna Squish’s fancy new website and social platform releases in October 2012 and most importantly find out how you can get your (non-smelly) hands on your very own Tuna Squish!

Tuna Squish: Never Touch Your Tuna!

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