YOU are Being Watched

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Computer Privacy Surprises The cat is out of the bag–you are being watched.

Where you work? It’s been recorded.

The pictures of you and your family on your last vacation? Recorded.

Where you live, how much money you make and all your relatives and friends are now at my fingertips.

The information that is available on line is increasing daily. Contrary from what we have been told in the past…it’s not just what you post on your Facebook page that is being displayed for the world to see. It’s private information that would take weeks to compile on your own and it’s all housed in one convenient place: Spokeo. To make things even more convenient a visitor can pay as little as $3 a month and have access to even more private information on you and a mere 300 million people.

Whether you intentionally put your information out for the world to see or you are like a lot of people and inadvertently disclose information without realizing what you are doing. Whatever the case it is important that you administer consistent checks on your name, where you are listed and what information is being disclosed about you.

The good news is that there are ways to remove the information from Spokeo and stay one step ahead of what some are calling a lack of privacy era. Now take a few minutes out of your day and remove your information.  It’s quite easy, just follow these few steps to remove your information.

1. Log onto Spokeo 2. Type your name into the search bar

3. Locate and click on your name on the left. Spokeo 4. Copy the URL Link at the top of the page

5. Go back to the Spokeo Home Page

6. Choose Privacy at the bottom of the page

7. Copy and paste the URL with your name link in the removal bar. Spokeo Privacy 8.  Enter your e-mail and the security code and then click “Remove listing”.  Check your e-mail for a link from Spokeo to confirm removal. You are now officially not listed on the site. But don’t take the confirmation of an email’s word for it–  LMS Agency Inc. recommends that you check back monthly to make sure that your information remains private. Remember that there are a lot of Spokeo’s in this big, bad world. Living in world of constant advancements in technology you owe it to yourself and your family to consistently check your name and your privacy settings on all of your online platforms–before someone, you don’t know, does it for you.


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