Tara’s Team

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LMS Agency Inc. is proud to welcome on board our most recent social media client–Tara’s Team. Tara’s Team is a local, online search website launching in San Diego on December 1, 2011.  From dining, entertainment, and beauty services,  to pet services, auto repairs and fitness centers Tara’s Team is the most comprehensive, authentic online database […]

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Brace Yourself…Facebook Changes are Coming!

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Just when we finally got used to the newest personal profile layout from Facebook it has been announced at the 2011 f8 conference that there will be major changes in Facebook’s layout…and in the very near future. The soon to be released Facebook changes are called “Timeline”.  When Timeline is officially rolled out, your personal profile will […]

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Introducing WineStraws NEW Website

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LMS Agency Inc. is proud to announce the release of the WineStraws newly re-designed website! WineStraws is the simple, cost-effective solution for wine lovers who are looking to keep their smile white and bright without sacrificing their love for red wine.  In addition to  being the #1 place to purchase your WineStraws, the newly redesigned website is also […]

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Mind Your “P”s and Quoras….

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It’s a fast emerging social platform that is redefining the way that we document the world and yet there are still many of us that have no idea what Quora is and what it means to them. Quora is an ongoing collection of user-created questions and answers that are organized and edited by all platform participators. Simply–you ask […]

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